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Video Podcast Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a shoot/filming day?

Each filming day is scheduled in a 6 hour time period with approximately 1.5 hours of set up, 3 hours of filming with a 1 hour break and 30 minutes of breakdown.

How many full episodes are filmed in one day?

We typically film two long form podcasts in one day.

How many people can I have on my podcast?

We film up to 4 people on camera at once. Additional talents on camera will require a special request and may incur additional tech fees.

Where can I record my video podcast?

One of the great things about creating with Vue is our flexibility to craft a studio space almost anywhere. Things to consider when picking a recording space are: room size, privacy, open access for technology setup, access to power, and comfortability for you and guests. You may enjoy a space you already own or a professional space to rent. See our Recommended Filming Locations document to review our favorite filming spots.

Where can I upload my podcast?

Currently, the top listening platforms are YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. See our blog post How to Publish Your Podcast. We recommend Spotify for Podcasters to upload and distribute your video podcast.

What if I want to record more than 6 episodes for my podcast season?

We are happy to help you accomplish your podcast vision. In this case, we will create a custom quote that meets your needs.

What is a “Microcast?”

A Microcast is a one minute video perfect for use on social media platforms. It is filmed in vertical video format in a podcast setting. It is the perfect way to share your best content in a professional manner without having to film a full podcast episode!

What is Podcast Creative?

If you’re just getting started and don’t have branding guidelines for your podcast, we offer a basic service to get your aesthetic created. Our optional podcast creative services include: 

  • Designating Your Brand Fonts
  • Outlining Your Brand Colors
  • Podcast Logo Creation
  • Identifying Graphic Aesthetic Assets 

What if I already have my own branding and audio podcast, but just need to add video?

You are in the right place! Adding video to your podcast is your next level up. Vue is happy to join your podcast and crew to add everything video can do to enhance your podcast reach.

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